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Our motto is:

“Knowledge Is Not Power, How To Apply Knowledge Is Power“
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American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program

Mentoring is a simple yet effective form of personal development where client and mentor create an alliance that promotes and sustains the client’s personal and competence.

This powerful relationship creates the client to give up who they are for who they want to become. Successful mentoring works with individuals in their personal life, executives and other businesses, individuals in their professional life, and with teams or groups to develop their effectiveness particularly in working with change.

Many of us have big plans about what we want to be and what we want to become. Often we never actually do anything about it. Some of us are successful in our own terms, but still find a feeling of emptiness inside ourselves, life without a purpose is hardly a life at all. Hence that feeling that something is missing, the big question of why we are here, or how we can achieve our dreams personal or professional.

The mentor aids the client in finding out what is important and what helps to create a purposeful life that promotes the qualities or ideals, enabling the client to live a fuller and rich life.

Mentoring helps their skills to identify what is important and to use their skills to foster it.


Mentoring builds skills and abilities for effective relationships, personal and professional.

Mentoring identifies when team work is important and helps the client to develop their skills.

Mentoring paves the way for more effective decision making in both the client’s personal life and to create higher levels of organizational effectiveness.

Mentoring works with the client to improve their communication skills through dialogue, improve their inquiry and positive interactions that creates awareness purpose, competence and well-being.

At the American Real Estate Investor School, our goal is mentor real estate investors for success by training them in all of the practices and methods they need to profit from any real estate investing opportunity.

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Are you looking to become a successful real estate investor? Are you hoping real estate will give you a life of financial freedom?

Here’s some news for you, real estate can make you a fortune and lead you to a life of freedom! But it can also be full of pitfalls and dangers. Many would-be investors struggle and never reach their goals. They try and try and try, wasting valuable time, energy and resources, doing the wrong things. Then, they get discouraged and some even give up.

It is the American Real Estate Investor School’s core belief that professional growth must follow profound personal development. Anyone who desires to start and manage a profitable home business in real estate investing must first develop certain behaviors that are common to most successful Entrepreneurs.

American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program is built on a foundation of one-to-one interaction. This personalized approach promotes rapid learning, accountability and results. You get the attention, time and information you need.

American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program has a proven track record when it comes to getting people to operate their real estate business as a business rather than a hobby. Why? Because when you really need to learn something, books, tapes and even seminars only give you information and not the actual presence of a real time investor, remember:

“Knowledge Is Not Power, How To Apply Knowledge Is Power“

“Knowledge Is Not Power How To Apply Knowledge Is Power“ Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program is geared to meet each individual’s specific needs. Each one of us faces different challenges. One person may have difficulty analyzing the numbers, another with motivation, and another may have trouble speaking with investors, contractors, etc. It is the Real Estate Investor School approach what makes mentoring successful. It’s what can make you successful!

Motivation is a key factor in your success

Let’s face it, when you’re busy with work and family, it’s difficult to stay committed. However, maintaining steady motivation is critical, particularly if you are purchasing your first property. The best person to motivate you and get you going is someone who has actual experience in the field, your American Real Estate Investor School mentor.

Accelerate your learning curve

Real Estate Investor School Mentoring quickly gets you into investing. Many times students, who have had little success prior to mentoring, suddenly start buying properties. Why? Because individualized, mentoring fills in learning gaps, capitalizes on your strengths, and helps overcome your reservations about investing. Mentoring can quickly eliminate any of your fears about investing.

Quick access to give you the help you need

Imagine finding a house at a bargain price, and the seller is motivated. You’re excited; you’re also very nervous! and the “what ifs” start to play their little game with your mind. What do you do? With your American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program you can relax, your mentor is just a phone call or email away.

The most challenging steps are getting started and then staying motivated until your deals are complete. Learning the methods of marketing yourself, getting the financing, networking and negotiating are intricate parts of the real estate business. Having a personal mentor to help you focus and measure your progress can motivate you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Here is the bottom line. You can attend all the different kinds of training you want but until you get down to the Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program one-on-one level you won't begin to come close to the success rates personal mentoring achieves.

Your Opportunity

Right now American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program is looking for coachable and trainable people to mentor to financial freedom through real estate investing. Many of the recent apprentice program graduates are now extremely successful and do not need the day to day help. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a successful real estate investor faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

What’s In It For You?
True financial Intelligence, more time, more confidence, more freedom, a skill that you can take with you the rest of your life, no one can take this life transforming education away from you and timing, right now 2015 and 2016 are the single best time to make money with real estate.
Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next Apprentice?

If the list below describes you, then you may be a great candidate for this program.

Coachable: Being open minded and willing to learn new things is vital.

Coachable: In life, we are paid for what we do, not what we know. It’s understandable to be fearful when doing something new, but American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program is looking for people who can take action in spite of their fears. Plus, we’ll be with you every step of the way, holding your hand through every new experience.

Honesty: There is no room for anyone with anything less than the highest level of integrity.

Positive Mental Attitude: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

How The American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program Works:

Because John is a local expert on what is going on in South Florida. He focuses on what is working RIGHT NOW!!!!

Through much experience, I have learned how to BEST deliver mentoring to my students. Unlike many other Mentors, I have no desire to string you along for months and months. My mentoring and consulting is very time efficient and will make the best use of your time. My goal is to get you up and running as a successful real estate investor as quickly as possible. If you want to achieve rapid results, you and I should be working together.

My Mentoring Program consists of one year of coaching with an initial two full days of one to one training. I don’t hold anything back. I share ALL of my success secrets with you. There are great deals available RIGHT NOW, but you may not be able to recognize them at first glance.

I will give you a specialize vision to be able to see through the surface and quickly figure out what is going on inside a deal. Is it worth doing or not? Things change rapidly in today’s real estate and financial world and you can’t rely on yesterday’s news. As you know, knowledge is not power, how to use knowledge is power.

Steven… Another great meeting last Wednesday in the lunch network meeting on Land Contracts! I’ve learned so much in your small mentoring group. The most significant, for me, is gaining an understanding of the fluidity of the real estate market and the need to constantly reassess strategy based on changing market conditions. Throughout the year, you’ve showed us in real time what is going on and how to adapt. Thank you so much.

Sandy….This is not the time to be uninformed. Without this knowledge, you will end up, like so many others who email me, with high-priced deals, negative cash flow deals or low-potential deals.

My Mentoring Program literally could save you from $10,000 to more than $50,000 by avoiding bad deals or overpriced deals! Plus, my program can show you how to find and take advantage of the best deals available today!

Learn How To Negotiate The Best Deals

Guess What? The best deals don’t just fall into your lap. The best deals are not always advertised in the local newspaper or in the internet. If they are advertised in the local newspaper or in the internet, you don’t get “the best deal” unless you negotiate with the seller.

After ourfirst training, I went right to work looking for deals in the methods John had outlined. I found a deal on under For Sale by Owner. I consulted John and he confirmed I had a Deal! Using his negotiation tactics, I proposed a Subject-To Deal using a real estate land trust and got the seller to agree to accept less cash up front. I’m opening escrow today and plan to close within the next week or so. I’m already looking for the next deal!” Andrew, June 2009

If you think you can’t negotiate in this market? Think again! Dozens of deals are negotiated every day!

If you don’t know how to negotiate GREAT DEALS? That’s where my American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program comes in. I make it easy to negotiate great deals. Not good deals, buy GREAT DEALS.

Do You Know How To Deal With Realtors And Lenders?

These skills are the secret to success today. I have done an exhaustive study about how to get financing and will guide you into how to fund your deals.

Advanced Deal Making

In our intensive training session, we will cover advanced deal-making. In addition, you can call, email or fax me to discuss potential deals. I am here to help you.

This bonus ALONE is many times the investment in my mentor program. One tiny error in judgment can cost you many thousands of dollars and sour you forever towards the money making possibilities that real estate holds.

American Real Estate Investor School mentor program by John is a great investment because not only does he share his years of experience in almost every facet of Residential Real Estate and Commercial investing but he continues to have a vested interest in providing past students everything they need to be successful for years afterwards.

Most “mentors” want your money and after their “6 months of e-mail support” is over, they disappear. I took John’s class in 2007 and 6 years later in 2013 he is still working with me, helping me and providing me with tools I need in order to be successful, that says a lot.

I want to thank you for your mentoring. After I met with you for the initial mentoring session earlier this year, within 30 days I came across my first deal. It was a family going through a divorce and a foreclosure. With your help we decided the owner and my-self that the best option was to help them sell their house before their auction date.

Thank you, John for all of your help and consultation in my learning process. You have made the learning process, especially on the documentation side, very smooth and simple. Also, your advice and prompt responses to all of my many questions has been second to none! I truly appreciate all of your efforts and patience it is allowing me to make huge strides in improving both my knowledge and my pocketbook
Take Action Now
In this world there are dreamers and there are doers. Do you just want to dream of becoming a successful investor or do you want to do it? Many people suffer from a paralysis of analysis. They read books about real estate investing, they listen to tapes and they go to seminars but they never do it and so they never become wealthy!

With me as your Mentor, you will take action!I will help you evaluate every deal you come across. This will take all the fear out of real estate investing.

If you want to work with me, you must take action NOW. I can only take a few additional students on. If you are serious about becoming a successful real estate investor, take action now while I can still accept a few more students.

Call me at 305-951-3861 

Or email Us: and see what your options may be.

Your Success Mentor,

John Tur

More Satisfied Students
John has been mentoring my real estate ventures for close to four years. His guidance in finding motivated sellers and his knowledge of the real estate market in South Florida have been the two most valued benefits of his mentoring. Having access to his knowledge and experience has meant a great deal to the success of my company.
John is quite knowledgeable, boils things down to the real critical mass, and very good about returning calls. No mentor can make you go out and do deals, but he’ll give you the confidence and knowledge to do so. He is also networked in the South Florida real estate arena and can connect you up with people that can help you in various situations.
This is just a note to say thank you John for all the help you have given me in my real estate career. But before I thank you I want you to understand where I am coming from.I was not very happy working at my old job but I needed the money to get by. Then I got laid off and without any idea of where my next check was coming from. I went to several real estate gurus and mentors and I bought their five and ten thousand dollars packages but I felt I needed someone to help me that was local. I stumbled across you and the American Real Estate Investor School. I joined your mentor program and I am eternally gratefully.
John not only did you provide me with contracts, marketing techniques,and advice to better my business, you also guided me through the murky waters of the foreclosure laws in Florida. You helped me negotiate, fund, and sell my first deal for a nice tidy profit. Without you, I would have failed miserably in my first deal and I do not want to even think where I would be today without that deal. I owe my whole business to you! Thanks again John!”

John is an excellent mentor. He has an immense amount of experience to re investing and is eager to share his knowledge and guidance with those who are eager to learn and who are not afraid to act on that knowledge.
I want to thank John for the knowledge and confidence he has given me to go out and pursue deals in Florida when everyone else around me has said it is impossible to succeed in this market. It is invaluable as a beginning full time investor to be able to tap his extensive knowledge and creative problem solving abilities with a quick phone call. It was in fact his quick response to questions I had on a time sensitive deal that made it possible for me to close my first deal for a net profit of $30,000. Prior to working with John, I had spent a year attempting to get my real estate investing business off the ground without a deal. Since working with him, I have already closed one deal and I’m working on closing my second next week. I know going forward that I will be a more successful investor just having John on my real estate investing team.
What To Do Next…

If you are ready to move forward, if you are truly motivated to reach your full potential, if you have that burning passion to succeed and make your financial future solid, then call now to speak with me or a successful team leader now!.

To contact the America Real Estate Investor School Please Call:

Office: 305-951-3861, Fax: 786-427-1309

The most complete and organized training and education in real estate investing available

American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program will show you how to make this on your first wholesale deal or how to save this or more on your first rehab deal!

What Training and Certifications Can I Expect To Obtain From American Real Estate Investor School?
Upon graduation from our American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program each member will obtain specialized training and certifications in the following areas:

1-Certified Real Estate Investor Coach

2-Certified Real Estate Foreclosure Negotiator Coach

3-Certified Real Estate Marketer Coach

4-Flip and Assign Real Estate Coach

5-Certified Short Payoff Sales Negotiator Coach

6-Real Estate Land Trust Specialist Coach

7-100 Real Estate Techniques To Sell Real Estate Coach

8-100 Real Estate Techniques To Buy Real Estate Coach

9-Certified REO (Real Estate Owned) Coach

10-Partial Interest Purchasing Coach

Graduates can utilize real estate investing as a career and become self-employed or find employment with any company related to the real estate industry.

Materials for these mentoring program are prepared by real estate attorneys and provided to you by the American Real Estate Investor School

American Real Estate Investor School Mentor Program