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Accelerated Success Training

Visualize, Perform and Accomplish the Same Results That
Successful People Do!!!


There is no doubt that thoughts do direct your actions. And thoughts do have power and can help you accomplish many things. What you think is what you do and who you are. If you think poverty, you will always live in poverty.

If you think of prosperity, you will always be prosperous. The secret is to the way you program your mind.


Some people have a sense of entitlement and actually depend on others to cater to their will. This is the mindset they have. It was programmed into them from the beginning. Because of this mindset, these people fail every time they seek to establish anything in life for themselves. Whether it involves going into business, making friends, or whatever else they do, if they have the mindset that the world should cater to them, they are doomed to everlasting misery and loneliness.


And there are people who are kindhearted but have been hurt so many times in their lives that they have been programmed to believe that relationships mean pain, so they avoid dating or getting into a relationship.

There are people who are good hard working people, whose only goal in life is to make something of them-selves and do so without hurting others. They put on the mentality that they can't get rich because the rich are bad people. That the rich are mean and will defraud others quickly to make lots of money. Because of this mentality, they never achieve wealth, but only live from paycheck to paycheck.


As you can see there are many scenarios of people who function in life based on their core beliefs or programming, instilled into them since they were babies, or which they had learned at some point in their lives, which resulted in a shift in their thinking and awareness.

There are people who will actually commit self-sabotage because they don't know any better. They think they are doing the right thing but in fact they set themselves up for failure every time they try something. And if you try to reason with them about it, and explain to them what they are doing, they just look at you blankly and claim that everything that happens to them is based on other people, the economy, or other factors, but they will not look at themselves as the problem.


This is because they only look at things from the conscious level. What they see in front of them is what they believe. They only go by what input they receive in their conscious mind and this is the root of their problems. They can only see or think about what is in their conscious mind and that limits their abilities beyond all comprehension. If the eyes can play tricks on you, well, the conscious mind can also play tricks on you.


If you listen to your conscious mind, you won't get far because you will only perceive what you see in front of you. But if your subconscious mind has been programmed properly, you can experience untold amounts of prosperity. On the other hand, if your subconscious mind was program incorrectly you can end up believing wrong things such as:

Rich people are evil. This is how they get rich. They are pompous, arrogant, and dishonest in the way they deal with others. And in order to get rich you have to be just like them.

Poor people are special because they have no money to keep them tied down so they can go out there and do whatever comes to mind to make them happy. They are mainly nice people whose only goal in life is to make a living for their family and die penniless.

It is the right thing to be poor. It is a spiritual aspect of oneself to be in a poor state. This way you stay humble.

These are just some of the types of programming we often face. But these are not the only beliefs we had programmed in our subconscious. We also have other ideas and thoughts including reasons why we lack greatness and have no prosperity in life.


By changing your programming, you can literally change your life and your core beliefs.

This is what matters most in life and everyone has a chance to accomplish goodness in their lives if they undertake this challenge and replace old worn-out, self-defeating tapes, and replace them with up building, thought-provoking tapes that will alter the programming for good.

There are many ways to condition your subconscious mind for success, all take practice and time but will have major payoffs in the long run for your business. Regardless of what steps you need to take to help program your subconscious mind for success, you need to be prepared to work at it and that is one of the benefits of teaming up with:



More Benefits of Teaming Up in Real Estate Investing

Combining Resources

Starting any business can take a lot resources, often too many for one person to handle themselves. If you find a person with similar interests, goals, work ethic and real estate investing experience, it may be possible to merge your resources to get off to a smooth start.


Dual Analysis

It is important to master the art of real estate deal analysis. For someone just starting in real estate investing, analyzing a property can be quite the undertaking. There are hundreds of considerations when searching for that first real estate deal, so having someone sanity check your analysis greatly increases your odds of an accurate analysis and saving you from a potentially disastrous deal.


Complimentary Abilities

Every person brings different strengths and weaknesses to a partnership. While one person may be a numbers person, the other might be able to visualize improvements to a property. Understand what each person is good at and put those skills to use to improve your business.


Task Division

Real Estate Investing is not easy! There are a lot of tasks that can easily overtake your life if you let them. Effectively and fairly dividing tasks can ensure that all partners are able to contribute to the business while not being overwhelmed.


Developed Networking

The importance of networking cannot be overstated and networking becomes much easier when you have more than one person spreading the word. Additionally, each partner already knows people who could end up playing a part in your real estate business, either as team members, lenders, contractors, appraisals, inspectors, title companies, buyers, sellers, renters and many more.



People who are on a workout plan or diet often have accountability buddies to make sure they stay on track. It is human nature to slack off when things get difficult or life gets busy, but real estate businesses partners help keep each other focused. In a one member business it would be very easy to let life slow you down, focusing on more important things with the intention of returning to investing when things slow down. However, having a business partner you do not want to disappoint keeps the business on course.

Experienced Partner Confidence and Motivation

Beginning in real estate investing can be quite scary, especially for someone who has little experience in entrepreneurship or business. Having somebody to talk to who is feeling the same way is both calming and motivating. When obstacles arise, it is natural to doubt oneself and wonder if your pursuit of real estate investing is the right thing for you both personally and professionally, but having an experienced partner to re-assure you can be revitalizing and motivating.


Well-Being Conditioning

Influencing the immune system is easier than you think. Is it really possible to influence your immune system? The answer is yes. It is well known, for instance, that stress has a marked effect on the immune system. People living with long term stress are more prone to fall ill, and take longer to recover, than those who have less stressful lives. So stress management and relaxation alone can make a significant difference to how effective your immune system is.

In fact, relatively few people even know they have an immune system! What is it, exactly? If they cut you open, where would they find it?

The Immune system is the phrase used to describe the complex mechanisms, and the interaction between them, that the human body has evolved to defend itself against invasion by disease causing agents. The body carries within it a sort of black belt team of free-roaming cells whose job it is to seek out and destroy invading, germs, bacteria, parasites and viruses. And this black belt team has some amazing abilities!

Researchers who have spent years studying the effects of stress on the body's immune system now believe they know enough to show that stress actually does weaken a person's health.


Dozens of studies have shown that stress can alter the levels of certain biochemical markers in the body, key players in the human immune response, but scientists weren't sure those changes actually led to poorer health. Now, they seem convinced.

Reporting in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a team of researchers from five universities argue that stress can lessen a person's immune response and that change can make them more susceptible to infectious diseases.

They also say that increased stress may lessen the effectiveness of certain vaccines and can confound some studies of certain illnesses that affect the immune system, such as autoimmune diseases.

The evidence so far suggests that while the immune changes associated with psychological stress are generally small, they look like they're important enough to have biological consequences and increase health risks," explained Ronald Glaser, professor of medical microbiology and immunology at Ohio State University and lead author of the study.

Scientific research confirms self- conditioning can boost the immune system

In a study at Washington State University, a group of volunteers were given compelling suggestions specifically to boost their immune systems. Another group received only relaxing suggestions, or no suggestions. Their levels of T- and B-cells (special defense cells) were measured. Those who had received compelling self-conditioning suggestions showed significant increases in their levels of protective cells.


Learn every aspect of well–being conditioning and empowering your immune system in just a few minutes a day so you can change the way you think, feel, and act regarding everything you need to know to improve your well-being in your life, so join us because your ride will get more interesting as you go.


Are You Ready to Remove the Blocks That Are Keeping You From Creating the Income & Well-Being Lifestyle You Want?


You Can Use the Strength of Your Subconscious Mind to Improve Your Real Estate Career, Increase Earnings; stay Motivated and Accomplish Your Goals

If you feel stuck, like your vision is not manifesting, you are not achieving your goals, or you are struggling with certain areas in your real estate business; then you are probably already aware of some of the fears and subconscious obstacles that have been holding you back.

For many real estate investors and realtors it is a fear of selling, marketing, negotiation, speaking in public and making offers, for others it is a lack of self-confidence, procrastination and for some it is knowing, that you have more potential, but continue to be blocked or stuck.

All of These Areas Are Going To Be Addressed At:



As a conscious real estate coach entrepreneur I know how challenging it can be to sell yourself and or your products and services in a way that feels congruent with your values.

Particularly when our society conditions us to have negative association with sales people or rich people.

This is one area I've mastered over the years, both as a sales and marketing consultant and a real estate entrepreneur.

I've also had the privileged of helping hundreds of one-on-one clients and thousands of individuals through my training overcome fear of sales, fear of real estate investing and master authentic real estate investing techniques and marketing strategies.


What if you want to take your real estate business to the next level?

If you are not where you want to be, then you need to understand there are subconscious beliefs and patterns that are creating your circumstances.

In order to achieve the highest level of success, joy, fulfillment and wealth you must learn to master and recondition your mind!

Today’s most powerful businesses are empowering their staff with as many tools as possible to help them learn and grow. The leaders know that creativity, cooperation, and determination breed success. The leaders are using Achievement Strategies to empower their employees to be their best as individuals and as a team.

Did You Know?

CEOs, celebrities, athletes and many more successful groups have been using success conditioning and mental mapping techniques daily, utilizing the power of their mind, to stay focus, reach their goals and beat the competition.

Some businesses attempt to increase profits and morale with the inspiration of motivational speakers. Unfortunately that high is short lived, and after a few days, people drop back to where they started.

The stress of real estate business is ongoing and depleting, and people are struggling to be their best and balance their lives. Everyone benefits from being stress free and staying motivated.


With you can make long lasting changes, you can change your beliefs about yourself, your self-worth you level of confidence, and develop control over your thoughts and emotional states while investing in your Business and Real Estate.


If you have any of the following challenges, then this Real Estate Investor Partnership program is for you:


1 - Feel like you need a breakthrough in your real estate business.

2 - Feel like you need a breakthrough in your personal live.

3 - Feel like you need breakthrough in your well-being.

4 - Not earning as much money as you want or need.

5 - Lack of consistency of new clients and motivated sellers.

6 - Working too many hours without seeing an increase in revenue.

7 - Feeling resistance or fear to do things to grow your business.

8 - Losing passion for what once excited and inspired you.

9 - Find that you are procrastinating or feeling stuck.

10 - Feeling stressed and overwhelmed without a good support system.

11 - Trying to do everything in your business yourself.

These and many other challenges can keep real estate investors and real estate business owners spinning their wheels, feeling tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

This program investor partnership program has been developed to breakthrough these challenges and create the essential mindset for increased success in business.

Every session of our training in this program has been tested by real estate investors and real estate entrepreneurs from startups to well established already successful business owners of all types of businesses, and the feedback has been nothing short of awesome!


Here Are Just Some Of The Topics Covered In The:


  • FOUNDATION – Learn HOW TO master and condition the core traits of a successful entrepreneur.
  • PROSPERITY – Learn HOW TO create a positive relationship with health, money and success.
  • MARKETING – Learn HOW TO get clear and focused about implementing 100 marketing techniques to grow your business and revenue.
  • ADVERTISING – Learn HOW TO implement and apply 100 techniques to obtain free publicity.
  • BUYING HOUSES – Learn HOW TO implement and apply 100 techniques to buy houses, condos, apartment buildings, land.
  • REALTOR REAL ESTATE LISTINGS – Learn HOW TO apply 100 techniques to obtain real estate listings.
  • INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE – Learn HOW TO attract your ideal motivated seller-clients and customers the ones who are happy to do business with you, mastering the interview questionnaire.
  • NEGOTIATION – Learn HOW TO overcome fears of public speaking while negotiating real estate.
  • TALKING TO SELLERS – Learn HOW TO overcome fears of cold calling, while talking to potential motivated sellers on the phone.
  • MAKING OFFERS – Learn HOW TO increase your self-confidence making 4 different offers to your motivated seller.
  • PRIVATE FUNDING – Learn HOW TO find hard equity loans to finance your real estate investments with no credit check and no bank qualify.
  • DAILY TASK – Learn HOW TO maintain motivation, persistence, and commitment to your business and well-being goals with success conditioning.

John Tur have provided services and have been featured in several radios, newspapers, television and organization programs speaking on marketing, advertising , coaching business development, conditioning professionals, productivity, the real estate redevelopment and investing.